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Rebrand your free time

We offer dedicated and accurated workshops to fill the gaps, to improve and achieve the commitments in life and the personal challenges.
We explain very complicate concepts with common words, experienced in real life, no promises, no theory, just common and healthy sense.

Blockchain and Bitcoin

Introduction to Bitcoin What’s blockchain? What’s Bitcoin? How Bitcoin will change your life?

Advanced Course to Bitcoin How can you get Bitcoin? How can you hold Bitcoin?

Accept cryptos in-store / on-store Stores can now join to profitable niche with low competition: crypto customers What are the tools I need to start accepting cryptos as a payment?

from 0 eur
from 250 eur
from 350 eur

Social media

Create your social media profile Do I need a website? What I need to spread what I do or what I offer? Tools that you can manage for your own social media profile

join us to be happy
not to feed your ego
we don’t show selfies of what we do
we share what we know and we do

Outdoor activities

Permaculture, local food
do you want to receive at home seasonal eco-boxes that contain local organic production?
Perhaps learning about permaculture? Meet Hanna

Whales watching Do you want to visit the resident whales? Do it better and experience the connection between a wise woman and whale community. Meet Taysa

Clay and pottery workshop You can create your own ceramic piece, guided by a “guanche” craftsman.  No previous experience is needed. Mystic place, dust in the wind, inspiring words, truly connection with the volcano and earth. Meet Fran

Montaña roja Geoworld travel visiting la Montaña roja with us it sustains and enhances the identity of a territory, environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage and the well-being of its residents. Meet Alexandra


Homemade delicious food Do you want to upgrade your “chef” skills? Do you want to eat healthy with local ingredients and low budget? Do you want to cook with a new touch? Meet Luis

Yoga with Vita Holistic Yoga School next to the Ocean to let you connect with the Nature
Yin yoga, Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow classes at Yoga Zone, Los Abrigos

Osteopathy and physiotherapy with Ledi
Feel the healing art in your body with manual therapies based on physiotherapy and osteopathy.
Consequently back and neck will be treated as the milestones of any dedicated digital nomad that along the seating time and stressful work is going step by step towards postural imbalances and pain. Manual therapies can help release tension in the muscles, improve joint mobility, and promote better circulation, which can all contribute to reducing discomfort and restoring the body’s natural balance. By incorporating these therapies into your self-care routine, you can optimize your physical well-being and support your overall health and productivity as a digital nomad.

Retreats at Manantial de Tara. It’s a time for you to clear your mind, worry less, and mindfully experience your environment. For instance, evaluating your current lifestyle, its benefits and drawbacks and connect again with the environment and people around you through the consciousness.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”
quoted Bitcoin Community