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Future mindset

You are invited to join our “get ready for the future mindset” session at the 23.12.22!

We will explore how to adjust our mindsets to upcoming changes and how to use technological tools to become part of the change ourselves.

Adjust your thinking to change

with the Institute of legal transformation we’ll be exploring:

-anticipate change and adjust your way of thinking 

-rethinking norms and values in times of transformation

Have you ever heard of linear thinking? When confronted with exponential developments as in AI, Blockchain and Web 3, we quickly reach our limits using our present way of reasoning.

However we are currently experiencing transformative changes that challenges not only the way be act – but especially the way we think. in the speaker session “why do we need a mindsetshift to be future ready?” In conclusion Isabelle Mierau from the institute for legal transformation, explains what a future-ready mindset looks like in the face of converging crises and how you can prepare your mindset for the future.

Get ready for the freedom. Moving to free software

with the Urdervan project we’ll be exploring:

– understanding our limitations with the technology in the past: voting, interconnecting and transfering trusted data was impossible

-moving to free software makes possible another reality: P2P, blockchain, Bitcoin

To stay motivated on your journey to freedom, each person needs to have a compelling reason to use free software. We support it, let’s move it together. In conclusion Louis Philippe from Undervan project explains entertaining, easy to understand, practical, unbiased, and affordable blockchain & free software knowledge


  • Isabelle Mierau, B.Sc. psychology and sociology, vision & conceptualization assistance at the institute for legal transformation, DLT Talent at Frankfurt Business school and former captain of a ship for human rights monitoring at the European borders. LinkedIn:
  • Louis Philippe, founder of Undervan, a project made for and by digital nomads. Our community offers homestay and training in many countries around Europe, Africa and Asia, where digital nomads can have in their grasp all the opportunities and resources to bond, grow, co-live and learn together. LinkedIn:


  • Vagabonds co-living: Vagabonds co-living is the laboratory of ideas, where people can be multiplicators, creating workshops, masterclasses, activities related to Blockchain. It hosts events, activities and meetings with different skilled people and complementary background to engage and be part of the daily life of people.

As a result vagabonds team will be ready to post the update very soon