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Nomad Lifestyle

Coworking, Accommodation, and Community for Digital Nomads

What we offer?

We provide a space to share, an ecosystem to innovate and a community to grow together.




We’re dedicated to enhancing the lifestyles of digital nomads through our unique blend of coworking spaces, thoughtfully curated accommodations, and a thriving community. Our offerings are designed to provide you with more than just a place to work and stay – they encompass an entire lifestyle that revolves around freedom, flexibility, and enriching experiences.



Take your job, passion project or side hustle on the road and be productive as you travel. We have the space you need to work remotely in Tenerife according to your passion. We find your perfect and genuine match LIFE-WORK.

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, our coworking spaces are tailor-made for productivity on the move. Take your work, passion projects, or side hustles with you as you journey through the vibrant landscapes of Tenerife. Experience the joy of being productive while immersing yourself in the local culture. We understand that your work is an extension of your passions, and our spaces are meticulously designed to provide the perfect environment for your life-work balance.


We offer solutions to find the perfect place for you. We take care of all the logistics so you can focus on the experience of a nomadic life.

Embarking on a nomadic journey doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. At Vagabonds, we handle all the logistics, leaving you to focus solely on enjoying the experience of a nomadic lifestyle. We offer solutions that ensure you find the perfect home away from home. Our accommodations are thoughtfully chosen to align with your preferences, providing you with a sense of belonging wherever you roam.

digital nomad woman laying with mobile working

Digital nomad, Meet your people

Community time is at the hearth of the best experience. Rebrand your free time

We help you to jump into the local and daily life with our proposals.

The heart of the Vagabonds experience lies within our dynamic community. We believe that connecting with like-minded individuals enhances the overall journey. Join our remote-working community and immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of meetups, tech-courses, interviews, and engaging events. Whether you’re seeking to expand your skill set, share your expertise, or simply make lifelong connections, our community provides the platform to do so.

Do you need to fix something to improve your career? You will find the best fixer into our community or maybe you are a fixer for others.

Local and Global

We don’t just want you to visit a place – we want you to experience it. Our focus extends beyond the walls of our coworking spaces and accommodations. Through carefully curated activities, meetups, and events, we encourage you to dive into the local life of Tenerife South. Embrace the unique flavors, cultures, and experiences that each location has to offer. Let your journey be an exploration of both personal growth and global discovery.

Freedom to Roam: Gone are the days of being tied down to a single location. As a digital nomad, the world becomes your playground. Imagine waking up to the sunrise in one city, and witnessing the sunset in another. With the flexibility to choose your next destination, you can immerse yourself in diverse cultures, cuisines, and experiences, all while maintaining your professional pursuits.

Cultivating Connections: While the physical distances between locations may change, the connections you make along the way remain constant. Our Vagabonds community is a testament to the power of these connections. Forge relationships with fellow digital nomads who share your values and ambitions. These connections transcend borders and time zones, enriching your journey with shared experiences and inspiring collaborations.

Adapting to Change: The nomadic lifestyle is a masterclass in adaptability. From adjusting to new time zones to embracing different work environments, you’ll learn to thrive amidst change. This adaptability seeps into other aspects of your life, fostering personal growth and resilience. As you navigate new cities and cultures, you’ll find yourself discovering facets of yourself that you never knew existed.

Balancing Work and Exploration: At Vagabonds, we understand that work is an integral part of your journey, but it’s not the only part. Our coworking spaces are designed to accommodate both productivity and exploration. Work from our vibrant spaces during the day, and then step out to explore the local markets, landmarks, and hidden gems. Your work and adventures harmoniously intertwine, creating a holistic experience that defines the nomadic lifestyle.

A Journey of Self-Discovery: Ultimately, the nomadic lifestyle is more than just a way of working – it’s a journey of self-discovery. As you venture from one location to another, you’ll unearth not only the world’s treasures but also the treasures within yourself. You’ll cultivate a deep understanding of what truly matters to you, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment that transcends the conventional boundaries of a traditional lifestyle.