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What’s our cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is designed to ensure fairness to you, us, and potential future guests at Vagabonds Coliving. Please notify us promptly if you need to cancel your booking.
Cancellations made 15 days before check-in are free, but within 15 days, the fee is 100% of each night from your check-in date up to 15 days prior. For instance, if you inform us 10 days before check-in, the fee is 5 nights. On the check-in day or for no-shows, the fee is 15 nights.

How to book

To book your stay at Vagabonds Coliving, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the accommodation page on our website and click “BOOK NOW”
2. Fill out the booking form with the dates you want to stay and any specific requests you may have.
3. Submit the form, and we will process your booking request.
4. We will promptly respond to your inquiry with all the required information, including the updated availability for your chosen dates and the next steps to confirm your reservation.

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive all the necessary details via email, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for your upcoming stay at Vagabonds Coliving.
We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community in Los Abrigos, Tenerife!

Check-In and check-out

Check-in is available from 15:00 (3:00 PM) onwards, and check-out should be completed by 12:00 PM (noon).

Are any extra fees?

There are no extra fees applicable to your accommodation and shared coworking, kitchen and bathroom spaces at Vagabonds Coliving.
What’s not included? Meals, food, bottled water, drinks, tickets to join activities not hosted by Vagabonds, so extra fees can be charged previous agreement between parts.


What’s a Coliving?

Coliving at Vagabonds is more than just shared accommodation; it’s a community-driven lifestyle.
Our coliving philosophy encourages digital nomads to come together, share experiences, and collaborate while enjoying the freedom of remote work.
It fosters a supportive environment where creativity, personal growth, and meaningful connections flourish.

Use of installations

As a guest at Vagabonds Coliving, you’ll have access to all our shared facilities, including the common areas, coworking space, kitchen, and any other communal spaces. Feel free to make use of these facilities to enhance your stay and interact with other members of the community.
Please note that laundry facilities are provided by the hosts, and guests do not have access to the washing machine. Please, ask for this service and the hosts will manage.
Additionally, for safety reasons, the use of the oven in the kitchen is not allowed to prevent problems with electric system. However, guests are welcome to use other kitchen appliances like the micro-wave and amenities to prepare their meals.
We are always available to assist you with any laundry or kitchen-related queries during your stay at Vagabonds Coliving.

Pets and kids

Currently, we do not allow pets or children at Vagabonds Coliving to maintain a focused and serene environment for all our guests and community members.

Who is in the house?

To ensure a comfortable and conducive atmosphere, we have a maximum occupancy rule for our coliving spaces of 6 guests and 2 hosts. Each private room is designed for one person only.


Internet connection

We understand the importance of a reliable internet connection for digital nomads.
At Vagabonds Coliving, we offer high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the premises, ensuring you have a stable connection to support your remote work needs. WIFI: 300 Mb/sec.

Work environment

Our coworking space is thoughtfully designed to provide a productive and collaborative environment for remote professionals. With comfortable seating, ample desk space, and a community of like-minded individuals, you’ll find the perfect setting to focus on your work.

How is the coworking space shared?

The coworking space is shared among all our guests and community members. Feel free to choose a desk that suits you best and engage with other remote workers to exchange ideas and experiences.

Can you use only the coworking place?

If you are not staying at Vagabonds Coliving but would like to use our coworking space, you can do so by purchasing a day pass or availing our coworking membership options. Get in touch with us for more details.

Community and Activities.

How is the community in Vagabonds?

Our community at Vagabonds Coliving is a vibrant and inspiring place for digital nomads and remote professionals. It is designed to be a productive and focused environment that caters to individuals with a strong technology background.
We understand the importance of work-life balance, and our space is thoughtfully curated to support both work and leisure.

Our community is not just limited to our guests. We also place a strong emphasis on fostering connections with locals and non-guest members. We believe that interaction with the local community enriches the overall experience of our residents.
Through various networking events, cultural exchanges, and community activities, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with locals, share knowledge, and form meaningful connections beyond our coliving space.

At Vagabonds Coliving, we value diversity and embrace individuals from various backgrounds and professions. Overall, our community is a place where productivity meets connection. We encourage our residents to strike a balance between focused work and social interaction, fostering a supportive and dynamic atmosphere that enables personal and professional growth.

Join us at Vagabonds Coliving to experience a unique blend of productive workdays, unforgettable experiences, and a chance to create lasting friendships with both locals and fellow digital nomads.

How long normally people stay? Minimum / Maximum stay

The length of stay varies among our guests. Some choose to stay for a few weeks, while others may stay for several months.
There is a minimum stay requirement of 4 days, and guests are welcome to book their accommodations based on their preferences and travel plans.

Activities offered

We offer a wide range of experiences for our guests, aimed at personal and digital nomad development. For a detailed list of current offerings, refer to the “Experiences” section on our website.

Sharing during my stay?

While staying at Vagabonds Coliving, you are encouraged to share your knowledge, skills, and experiences with the community. Whether it’s hosting a workshop, leading a discussion, or simply engaging in conversations with fellow digital nomads, your contributions are highly valued.
We encourage guests to take initiative in managing their free time and exploring the opportunities available to them as solo travellers.
At Vagabonds Coliving, we believe in creating a balanced and respectful community where neither guests nor hosts are expected to constantly seek entertainment.

We are here to assist and suggest activities based on your preferences, but we understand that everyone’s interests and desires may vary. Therefore, we do not impose a fixed schedule of entertainment or events within our coliving space. Instead, we encourage you to take the opportunity to discover activities that resonate with you, whether they are organized by us or happen in the surrounding area.

We value the individuality of each guest and encourage you to embrace your role as a solo traveller. Share your successes and discoveries with the community, and in turn, you’ll contribute to the diverse and enriching atmosphere at Vagabonds Coliving. By engaging in these experiences and sharing your unique perspectives, you’ll further enrich the community and inspire others to embark on their own adventures.

Experiences and other things to do around the area?

Los Abrigos in Tenerife offers a vibrant and beautiful environment with plenty of activities and attractions to explore. From picturesque beaches and hiking trails to local markets and cultural events, there’s something for everyone. We can provide recommendations and assistance in planning your offsite experiences.

Languages offered

English is the primary language spoken at Vagabonds Coliving due to our diverse international community. Additionally, we are proficient in other languages (French, Italian, Spanish) to ensure smooth communication and assistance. While Spanish is commonly used in Los Abrigos and South Tenerife, English is also understood.


How to get to Vagabonds?

To reach Vagabonds Coliving, you can book a flight to Tenerife South Airport (TFS). From there, you can take a taxi, public transportation, or arrange a transfer with us to reach our location in Los Abrigos. Detailed directions and options will be provided upon booking confirmation.

How’s the weather?

Tenerife boasts a pleasant and mild climate throughout the year, making it an ideal destination for digital nomads seeking a comfortable and enjoyable stay. With its year-round warm temperatures and minimal rainfall, you can expect favourable weather conditions for both work and leisure activities.

Should I need a vehicles to move around?

While Los Abrigos offers various amenities within walking distance, having a vehicle, such as a rental car or scooter, can enhance your mobility and enable you to explore more of the island at your convenience. However, it’s not a strict necessity, as public transportation is available for traveling to nearby areas.
Additionally, to make it easier for our guests to access local markets and supermarkets, we also propose a weekly ride to these locations. This service allows you to conveniently shop for groceries and other essentials without the need for a personal vehicle.

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