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About us

Not only a room

Vagabonds is an exceptional team with over 20 years of specialized experience in room rental, and we’re on a mission to transform the way we live together. About us, we go beyond simply streamlining the rental process; we strive to create an environment where seamless communication and effortless access to essential amenities are at the core of our service.
With our wealth of knowledge and expertise, we bring fresh solutions to outdated mindsets. Our aim is to revolutionize coexistence, ensuring that our guests experience a new level of comfort and convenience. We believe that harmonious living and meaningful connections are the foundation of a fulfilling lifestyle.

Our team.

About us. Astrid is the co-host for Vagabonds Coliving Tenerife


Nestled in the enchanting island of Tenerife. Astrid, a Barcelona native with Argentinean roots, is an experienced host and a world explorer. As the passionate curator of this vibrant community, she brings her expertise and global perspective to create a haven where people can connect and thrive.
A dedicated digital nomad, she has been organizing this coliving experience since 2020, infusing her cheerful, honest, and hardworking spirit into every aspect of the space. With a love for music, a deep appreciation for nature, and a background in geology.

Phil Co-host Vagabonds Coliving Tenerife


Born in Mulhouse, France, to Spanish parents, Phil embodies the spirit of an immigrant, both by birth and life. Specializing as a consultant for companies, corporations, industrial groups, and engineering experts, his exceptional talents drive profitability in these domains. Phil fearlessly initiates, promotes, and develops groundbreaking lines of research, unlocking the technological profitability hidden within the realm of open knowledge.
With his unwavering passion and commitment, our coliving space becomes a vibrant hub of innovation, where transformative ideas flourish and residents benefit from cutting-edge solutions.

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About us


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