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Environmental awareness

Why we don’t recycle at home?

well, what we do it’s not trending topic, it’s not popular, we know that
We propose another way and let us explain why, what we do…just 5 cents about environmental awareness point of view

🍌 Acquire food produced near our home and meet producers

It helps to reduce pollution by transport
We show them that we can avoid unnecessary packaging
We meet producers, we know their names and where they produce
Local environmental awareness

🧿 We think first, we are not guilty

We don’t agree to the fact that: I feel better if I put the plastic bottle into the yellow rubbish box
we don’t feel better doing that
The business of recycling is a fact, we know that the rubbish (from any colour box) go to other countries, we polute other places far away from here

♻ Recycling of electronic devices and analog devices

free software / free hardware / free furniture
we reuse what we have, upcycling and flee markets are our providers
as a consumers we think before consuming: Can we make it, can we replace it for, or we have to buy it?

🧠 Reuse clothes that we no longer use or that have gone out of style

We have at home the free shop with clothes
*Take what you need
*Leave what you don’t need anymore

👨‍🎓Unlearn to learn – relearn👩‍🎓

Unlearning is not the opposite of learning.
Unlearning consists of going much further, it consists of rethinking what until now has been considered immutable.
It means breaking many schemes that you have so assumed that you do not even rethink questioning.

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environmental awareness

If you want to know more
check the website of Finca San Borondón.
They offer workshops, consulting, accommodation, volunteering, food and love

Mercados del Agricultor – Farmer’s markets

Agromercado Adeje
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Saturday and Sunday 08:00-13:30

Mercado del agricultor Valle de San Lorenzo
Friday and Saturday 8-14h

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