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Crypt’ open mic experience

Vagabonds co-living hosts event in Tenerife

Co-living hosts the event. Before anyone shows up, we wanted to have our venue set up and get ready to welcome the guests.

Check that all IT, audio, and video equipment is functioning
Prepare the stage and any props the speakers or performers might need
Set up the banners and other materials from our sponsors
Double-check the safety & security arrangements
Last meeting before the event with the team and naturally everyone is taking the role
Drinks in the fridge? food enough? …..only one fridge? paper glasses so small….

Welcoming guests to a clandestine event is not easy, let’s combine a bodyguard with a madame and hostess. Help guests navigate.

Crypt’ Open mic

Web3 Islander Makers team, Captain, and Vagabonds co-founders invited to people, artists, curious, beginners and investors among the audience to participate and to be involved to Web3 ecosystem in the light of speakers pitching and performing what they do and the projects launched. Sharing the ideas and collaborate with new teams created then.
Let’s catch up them soon maybe being part of a regular events in Tenerife south.

Location Matters

The venue was located in a co-living with a huge terrace. The priority of the place was to offer a common place to the North community and South community. The aim to join both communities, supply their needs, exchange info and create new connections with the pitches and the networking after that.

The speakers and the content were the important thing to take care and for that we made guests and audience feel comfortable. The place and the distribution of the furniture created the perfect combination to host an event like that.

Make guests feel comfortable

Hosts were focused to talk to the audience and guests to the event to make them happy comfortable to attend the meeting and networking.
Pointing out about what is this place, VAGABONDS, a Co-living and co-working where there are rooms for rent to digital nomads and where events are hosted.
The needs of the speakers related to the setup during the pitches is very important and it was key also for the success of the idea they want to spread about their projects.

The wardrobe for the guests was indeed one of this room for renting, as a showroom for any digital nomad testing the private room.