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June’ 2023 | Embrace a Positive Future

Join Our Mindset Shift Session on Embracing Technological Change

In an era of rapid technological advancements, the concept of a positive future is intertwined with our ability to embrace change and leverage innovative tools. The “Positive Future” event, hosted by Vagabonds coliving, invites participants to explore a mindset shift that prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow

Adjust Your Thinking to Change

The Institute of legal transformation leads the charge in helping participants anticipate change and adjust their way of thinking. As exponential developments reshape industries through AI, Blockchain, and Web 3, linear thinking becomes obsolete. The session delves into the importance of rethinking norms and values amidst transformational times. Isabelle Mierau, a visionary in the field, sheds light on the necessity of a future-ready mindset that not only adapts to change but thrives in it.

Get Ready for the Freedom: Moving to Free Software

The Urdervan project adds another layer to the event, shedding light on the power of free software. Exploring the limitations of past technologies and the transformative potential of free software, the session highlights the shift from restricted systems to open possibilities. Louis Philippe, the founder of Undervan project, brings his expertise to explain the value of blockchain and free software in an accessible and engaging manner.

Meet the Facilitators leading Positive Future

Isabelle Mierau, with a background in psychology and sociology, offers a unique perspective on visionary thinking. Her experience as a DLT Talent at Frankfurt Business School and a human rights advocate at European borders adds depth to her insights. Louis Philippe, the visionary behind Undervan project, envisions a world where digital nomads can thrive together. His commitment to community-building aligns with the event’s theme of embracing a positive future.

Venue that Breeds Ideas

The event takes place at Vagabonds coliving, a dynamic space that fosters innovation and collaboration. Known as a laboratory of ideas, Vagabonds coliving encourages individuals to share knowledge, engage in workshops, and create masterclasses related to Blockchain. This venue serves as a hub for skillful individuals with diverse backgrounds to connect, learn, and contribute to a shared vision of a positive future.

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  • Isabelle Mierau, B.Sc. psychology and sociology, vision & conceptualization assistance at the institute for legal transformation, DLT Talent at Frankfurt Business school and former captain of a ship for human rights monitoring at the European borders. LinkedIn:
  • Louis Philippe, founder of Undervan and Vagabonds, both projects made for and by digital nomads. Our community offers homestay and training in many countries around Europe, Africa and Asia, where digital nomads can have in their grasp all the opportunities and resources to bond, grow, colive and learn together. LinkedIn:


  • Vagabonds coliving: Vagabonds coliving is the laboratory of ideas, where people can be multiplicators, creating workshops, masterclasses, activities related to Blockchain. It hosts events, activities and meetings with different skilled people and complementary background to engage and be part of the daily life of people.

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