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Conscious Future

Exploring Decentralization and Network States

Building a Sustainable Digital Future

Welcome to “Conscious Future” – an evening of exploration, inspiration, and connection.

We invite you on journey that dives into decentralization, blockchain, regenerative DAOs, consciousness, and the future of our interconnected world.

Our lineup of thought-provoking speeches promises to ignite your curiosity and expand your horizons:

Sunday, 22nd October 2023
Where: Ahora Living

Sunday, 22nd October 2023

16h Opening doors
Welcoming, Registration/Point of Sale
(card/cash EUR, crypto LN/Eth)
Brief introduction of the event and Ahora Living

22nd October – 17h
“Why and how to decentralize your community?”
by Web3 Island MakersWIM
40-50″ / English

22nd October18h
“Philosophical insights: Blockchain and regenerative DAOs”
by Positive Future
40-50″ / English

22nd October19h
by Raul Pessoa
20″ / English

22nd October19:30h
“Network States: Decentralized societies”
by Vagabonds
20″ / English

22h Closing doors
Thanks to everyone!!!!