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Conscious Future

Conscious Future

Exploring Decentralization and Network States Building a Sustainable Digital Future Welcome to “Conscious Future” – an evening of exploration, inspiration, and connection. We invite you… Read More »Conscious Future

Abstract geometric composition with "Future Mindset" and "Positive Future" words.

June’ 2023 | Embrace a Positive Future

Positive future: explore how to adapt your mindset to upcoming changes and use technological tools to drive change. Discover ways to anticipate change, rethink norms and values, and embrace a future-ready mindset.

Attendees at the Web3 and Blockchain experience

Dec’2022 | Experience launching Web3/ Blockchain

Dive into the world of Web3 and Blockchain at a groundbreaking event hosted by Coliving. Discover the meticulous preparations that ensure a seamless experience for both guests and speakers. From tech equipment checks to welcoming arrangements, explore how this clandestine gathering bridges communities, sparks innovation, and cultivates collaboration

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Exploring Free Knowledge

Explore a treasure trove of free knowledge about Blockchain and Bitcoin. Discover the revolutionary concept of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system through essential resources, videos, and websites

flyer crypto event tenerife south

Nov’2022 | Empowering Crypto Enthusiasts

Join our real crypto events in Tenerife to experience knowledge exchange, networking, and project collaboration. Connect with like-minded individuals from the Web3, blockchain, and crypto communities. Discover opportunities to pitch your projects, learn, and contribute to the innovative landscape of the Crypto world