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Flyer Digital art, 3D printing and recycling technologies by Jaime de los Ríos

Digital art

Digital art, 3D printing and recycling technologies by Jaime de los Ríos
Vagabonds is going to host an onsite and online event named: Digital art, 3D printing and recycling technologies
This event is our collaboration with Cocohub community and their effort to spread the idea of “Network States” around the world.

DIY paper lamp cube assembly manual

DIY Paper Lamp Cube

This DIY paper lamp cube assembly manual provides a detailed step-by-step guide to help you create and assembly a beautiful paper lamp cube.

Collage of interconnected circuit boards, digital code fragments, and artistic elements symbolizing the hacker culture, technology exploration, and creative innovation

Exploring Hacker Culture, Ethics, and Art

The hacker culture is a subculture of individuals who enjoy—often in collective effort—the intellectual challenge of creatively overcoming the limitations of software systems or electronic hardware (mostly digital electronics), to achieve novel and clever outcomes

Abstract geometric composition with "Future Mindset" and "Positive Future" words.

June’ 2023 | Embrace a Positive Future

Positive future: explore how to adapt your mindset to upcoming changes and use technological tools to drive change. Discover ways to anticipate change, rethink norms and values, and embrace a future-ready mindset.

Attendees at the Web3 and Blockchain experience

Dec’2022 | Experience launching Web3/ Blockchain

Dive into the world of Web3 and Blockchain at a groundbreaking event hosted by Coliving. Discover the meticulous preparations that ensure a seamless experience for both guests and speakers. From tech equipment checks to welcoming arrangements, explore how this clandestine gathering bridges communities, sparks innovation, and cultivates collaboration

fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables highlighting the emphasis on Environmental awareness: acquiring food produced near one's home to reduce pollution caused by transport

Embracing Environmental Awareness:

Discover the power of environmental awareness as we explore sustainable practices that go beyond recycling. Learn how acquiring local produce and reducing packaging impact pollution. Challenge conventional consumption habits by embracing upcycling, reusing clothes, and unlearning old paradigms. Join us in fostering a greener future through conscious choices.