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Terrace at Vagabonds Co-living Tenerife

Crypt’ open mic experience

VAGABONDS, a Co-living and co-working where there are rooms for rent to digital nomads and where events are hosted.

Crypto events

Real events, with a real physical community
Exchange knowledge and create community where the needs concerns and success are communicated and shared


Take your job, passion project or side hustle on the road and be productive as you travel. We have the space you need to work remotely in Tenerife according to your passion. We find your perfect and genuine match LIFE-WORK.

Anfitrión – host

Consejos sobre cómo crear un espacio de co-living rentable y sostenible. Ser un anfitrión y sacar partido a tus propiedades. Abriendo las puertas a que nos preguntes, debatamos, compartamos los éxitos y las dificultades que vayais encontrando.